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Hotel Il Nido

Via S. Quasimodo, 30 - 84011 Amalfi (SA)

Not only sea, a tribute to our land…

Not just the sea, a tribute to our land …
Not only sea The historical, economic and social events of a small and charming town, which Amalfi appears today, appear to be incredible and fantastic, which have profoundly marked the history of Italy starting from the year 839 when, Sicario, Duke of Benevento, was killed. Amalfitani rebelled, conquering a power and autonomy destined to last until the end of the 11th century.

While the sinister shadow of obscurantism and barbarism was gradually spreading over the ashes of the Western Roman Empire, a people of skilled merchants and courageous sailors, especially lovers of freedom and the spirit of adventure, began a shrewd policy in the concerns of the two empires and of the other Italian states to safeguard their interests but, above all, to maintain their autonomy and the possibility of minting their own currency: the gold and silver Tareno.

The first and oldest navigation code was drawn up on the famous “Tabulae Amalfitanae”, the pride of today’s legal heritage.

The improvement of the Magnetic Needle, father of the current compass, made navigation less uncertain.

The merchant galleys transported from the Far East unknown spices, unique perfumes in the world, silks and precious carpets, and with them also the essence of a new civilization that would have influenced Italian art and culture in a certain way: the Arab-Muslim one.

Not only sea The Doge or Duke was at the head of what in the history texts is cited as: the Ancient Republic of Amalfi.

Just as it rapidly rose to its maximum splendor and power, just as quickly it fell under the blows of the looting perpetrated by the Normans and the terrible Pisans.

Other natural events of notable violence such as the terrifying tsunami of 1343 and the terrible plague of 1348, completed the work of destruction on men and things.

We, men of 2000, are the jealous guardians of the ancient greatness, from it we will draw the right wishes and the hope of always being worthy of it.

Not only sea The nineteenth century was the century of the first “travelers” to stop in a small, pretty city of eternal spring and enchanted gardens.

They were wealthy travelers with names destined to become famous.

Writers, poets, musicians, scholars but also adventurers and vagabonds: Henrik Ibsen, Richard Wagner, Henrik Longfellow, Salvatore Quasimodo and then Roberto Rossellini, Richard Burton and Elizabet Taylor, Jaqueline and John Kennedy and many others.

Everyone will leave with a baggage full of emotions, scents and memories with an ancient flavor. 

Many of them have fueled the sacred fire of art because the Amalfi Coast has inspired and embellished their genius.

Traveling to Amalfi, therefore, not only for the blue of the sea and the sky, but also in search of oneself.

Michele Cavaliere